OG Wins Manila Major, Defeats Team Liquid in Grand Finals




Two teams finally reach the Grand Finals to see who will be the champion at the Manila Major event after seven days of strenuous matches. OG easily climbed the Upper Bracket with the performance by the 9K MMR sensation, Miracle and Cr1t. On the other hand, Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket, having to go through a lot of tidal waves, fought hard and rough until finally reaching the Grand Finals themselves. Both OG and Liquid showed excellent strategies and teamwork; but after all the jeers and cheers, OG found themselves on top and dominating the performance of Team Liquid.



The fourth and concluding game of the sequence and the event took place on a high note as MATUMBAMAN on Weaver and Jerax on Disruptor almost get first blood on Moon’s Batrider during a long-drawn-out chase at the start of the match in Liquid’s bottom jungle. The first blood is finally taken by MATUMBAMAN and Jerax on Moon but is quickly shadowed by a kill on Jerax by Miracle. Soon after, Liquid tries a gank on N0tail’s Wraith King but Moon is able to save him. Both teams then efficaciously pull off ganks on KuroKy and Miracle, correspondingly, and get one more kill a piece keeping the score tied at 2-2 by the 10-minute mark. In a comprehensive squad match at the top tier 1 tower of OG where many ultimates were used, Team Liquid flops to get any kills but loses KuroKy and gives OG a slight lead. After a lull in the action, OG is able to grab another kill as they catch out Jerax in a bad position and extending their lead a bit to 4-2. Then a failed smoke initiation by OG leads to Liquid team wiping them while only losing Jerax and taking the lead with a score of 6-5 and the impetus of the match.



OG try to come back into the contest by bidding a Roshan kill which they succeed at after Team Liquid fail to contest and even dropping Mind_Control in the process, but Liquid quickly answer with a pick on Miracle getting rid of the Aegis and tying up the kill score at 7-7 at 28 minutes. Liquid then shift to a push on OG’s middle tier 3 tower but Moon is able to lasso Jerax and take him down within their base which coerces Liquid to fall back. After a few more picks on both sides which bring the score to 9-12 in favor of OG, Team Liquid enter the Roshan pit only to get introduced on by OG which leads to quick kills on KuroKy, Jerax, and MATUMBAMAN while only Miracle falls for the OG side putting themselves at a pretty gainful position and easily scoop up the Roshan kill and Aegis. OG then pick up more kills on KuroKy and Mind_Control and spread the lead to 17-10 before they begin sieging the top tier 3 tower of Liquid and take down both the tower and melee barracks without much contest.



OG then fixed their eyes on Liquid’s middle tower and Miracle takes down both KuroKy and Jerax again trailed by a great lasso on Mind_Control and take him down and with no buybacks available for Liquid, OG was easily able to thrust into the middle of Liquid’s base and rip both it and the team apart to force the last GG of the Manila Major as OG take the championship, the Reaver, and the biggest chunk of the prize pool.


—- Rabbie Jerad N. Ganate

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