#RakenrolSingko celebrated at Route196


[Indie] Manila and Furball presented Rakenrol Singko, the fifth anniversary screening and gig, last night, September 8 at Route 196 in Quezon City.

Rakenrol, the film which was co-written by Sandwich’s Diego Castillo and directed by Quark Henares, is one of the most notable works made for the OPM music and the band scene in the Philippines. Shown in cinemas five years ago, the film brought about in big screen the “feels” which are close-to-home for the local artists, both indie and mainstream, and Pinoy music fans as well.

Last night’s event started off with the film showing, followed by performances from bands Us-2 Evil-0, Kagawasan, Taken by Cars, Ciudad, Gabby Alipe and John Dinopol of Urbandub, and Sandwich. Also present in the event were Rakenrol stars themselves, Glaiza de Castro, Jason Abalos, Ketchup Eusebio and Alwyn Uytingco.


In his past interviews, Castillo has said that Rakenrol was his and Henares’ “love letter” to the music scene where both of them have grown in. The events in the story were inspired by real happenings which either they or their friends experienced, and the characters were a mixture of real people they have encountered.

 The night was nostalgic, not just for the actors, but more so for its writers and the fans who wish there are more films which will show these stories of the industry. Henares’ Us-2 Evil-0 was reunited after a year for a fun set to start the gig. Ciudad also played a short but sweet set, which is always special given that they rarely do gigs these days. Alipe, during his turn, reminisced Urbandub’s participation in Rakenrol, noting how honored they are to be in it and this being their only film as a band to date.

Kudos to all the men and women behind Rakenrol and this fifth anniversary celebration! Until next year!

A: Rome Atienza | P: Indie Manila FB, Glaiza De Castro’s Official FB

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