PLAY Picks: The Rising OPM Artists


Original Pinoy Music is still very much alive as artists ride the waves of evolution and continue to bring what they can offer to the table.


This, coupled with the emerging new sounds, is a testimony that the even the future of OPM is looking bright indeed. Fresh faces, younger generation of singer-songwriters come out in the open to share their music and show that they can also make it in the list of Pinoy favorites.

Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino was celebrated in the country last July 25 to 31 and there have been a number of activities which happened througout the week such as FILSCAP’s Songwriters’ Night and the PhilPop Competition. Aside from these special events, gigs which are dominated by “indie” or independent acts simultaneously happen almost every night althrougout the year at different bars in the Metro alone.
PlayMagPH picks five rising artists who got our attention and might just play their way to your hearts, too.


Bullet Dumas



Bullet Dumas began his journey in the industry in 2010, after joining the first ever Elements Music Camp. He has already released an EP in 2014. He, together with Johnoy Danao and Ebe Dancel, was part of the 3D: DAMA concert staged in February 2016 which, due to insistent public demand, had a repeat last July. His sound is categorized as contemporary folk and will make you wish you knew how to play the guitar as good as he does. His lyrics and timing are catchy, not to mention unconventional. If you want to be refreshed from you usual pop playlist, we recommend for you to go and check his gigs out.
PlayMagPH Fave: “Ninuno” and “Put to Waste”
Facebook Page: Bullet Dumas
Twitter and Instagram: bulletdumas




Members: Sud Ballecer -Vocals/Guitar; Marc Reyes – Bass; Jimbo Cuenco – Drums; Samuel Valenia – Guitar/Vocals; Carlo Maraingan – Percussion; Kohl Aguilar – Keyboard; Carlos Dela Fuente – Saxophone
SUD started out in 2012 as a three-piece band but later made additions to their line-up. They have released an album earlier in 2016 titled “Skin” and are already heard on mainstream channels with their hit song “Sila”, which is often used these days in a reality show on TV. Their sound is soothing to the senses, perfect for chill sessions or the nights when you simply want to relax at home with earphones plugged in. It will be better though if you with your special someone can catch them play live, too.


PlayMagPH Fave: “Smilky”
Facebook Page: Sud
Twitter and Instagram: sudmusic


Members: Josh Villena – Guitars/Vocals; Kai Honasan – Keyboards/Vocals; Neil Tin – Guitars; EJ Edralin – Synth; Timothy “Pabs” Vargas – Bass; Gep Macadaeg – Drums
Autotelic has been in the music industry since 2012. They released their EP containing 3 tracks only during the early part of 2013, then a full-length self-titled album in 2014. Four years after they began their collaboration, Autotelic is now a mainstay in the OPM scene. True to their name which means “doing productive things for the sake of self-fulfillment and internal reward as opposed to worldly and external motivation” (as quoted from their Facebook page), the band has made their way to the souls of Pinoy fans. Their sound is not just technically genius; their songs are simply fascinating which radiates from their love for their craft. The choice of themes are experiential and very much relatable. If you want to listen to something you can bang your head a little along with a drink in one hand, browse through their gig schedule to see where they will be at next.
PlayMagPH Fave: “Gising” and “Dahilan”
Facebook Page: Autotelic
Twitter and Instagram: autotelicmusic


BP Valenzuela


BP Valenzuela has been actively writing, singing and producing her own songs since 2013. She has already released an EP titled “BE/EP” and a full-length album “The Neon Hour”. Her sound, given that she uses drum machines, analog synthesizers and loop stations instead of the usual band instruments, is unique and refreshing. Her beats will make you sway a little and tap your toes, but when you listen more attentively to the words, her lyrics are about the complicated matters of the heart. She is poetic. As new as she is, tenured names in the music industry have expressed high regard with her choice of music. Don’t under estimate what this young lady can do – BP Valenzuela can hook you up with her tracks and you better be ready how you will handle the LSS. See her in action on gigs for you to get what exactly we are talking about.

PlayMagPH Fave: “Steady”
Facebook Page: bp valenzuela
Twitter: valenzuelabp
Instagram: bpvalenzuela

Jensen and the Flips


Members: Jensen Gomez – Vocals/Guitar; Michael Gemina – Drums/Vocals; Choi Padilla – Bass/Vocals; Sam Valenia – Guitar/Vocals; Mel Roño – Guitar; Miggy Concepcion – Keyboards; Carlo Maraingan – Percussions
Jensen and the Flips has been active in the industry since 2013. The band has released an album titled “Honeymoon” with 10 original tracks and they are already visible in the country’s premiere music channel, MYX. They have also been hitting the charts both on radio and television, which proves that they now have a growing fanbase. Their music, classified as RNB-Soul-Pop, will make you either sing along or groove and it’s best enjoyed with friends. With multiple gigs every month, you can easily catch one to see them perform live.
PlayMagPH Fave: “Lovechild”
Facebook Page: Jensen and the Flips
Twitter and Instagram: jensenxflips


A: Rome Atienza | P: Bullet Dumas Official Facebook Page, SUD Official Facebook Page, Autotelic Official Facebook, BP Valenzuela Official Facebook Page, and Jensen and the Flips Official Facebook Page

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