1Bandang NEY welcomes 2017 with a brand new studio album aptly entitled Napapanahon!

The debut single off the new album, called HABAG, is an original composition penned by band leader & lead vocalist Ney Dimaculangan.  Local radio stations immediately took notice of Habag not only for its catchy musical arrangement but also for the song’s infectious hook. Habag is likewise reaching into the ears & hearts of millennials, as the song is on a steady climb into the charts of digital channels, including Spotify and Youtube.

Napapanahon, which is produced by the band for OPM exponent Alpha Records, offers ten tracks all of which are original musical compositions.  One will surely notice that each song is creatively written and arranged, proof that the band did well in taking their time to write & arrange songs, and recording these when they felt that the time was right.

The band’s songs and their album may be had not only in CD format but also in digital format, just access the streaming sites you know, which includes Spotify, & music download sites such as iTunes.



Ney, Louie and former drummer Andrew (Dianga) started playing as a band during the middle of 2012 and occasionally had a session guitar player when playing live gigs.  In November of the same year, they took in Patch for electric guitar duties.  By the last quarter of 2015, Arnee joined the band and the rest, as they say, is HISTORY.

Bandang Ney is drawn together by what they do best.  The band carries a deep passion for their chosen craft.  Bandang NEY is sure to give 101% performance with every melody & harmony of their songs, whether there is 1 or 100,000 watching them perform.

All the band’s members have more than a decade of experience in performing live, in recording, and with creating new songs.


(left to right: Kervi, Patch, Ney, Louie, Arnee)

Band Profile (members)

Ney Dimaculangan – lead vocals

Ney is the former vocalist of the band 6 Cyclemind, where he spent about a decade as lead vocals.

Ney is the voice behind the hit singles “Sige”, “Biglaan”, “I” and “Aaminin”.

During his years with the band, they were endorsers for brands such as GBX shoes, Converse Shoes as well as for Tanduay  Rhum.  They also earned nominations from numerous award giving bodies, including 2006 Viewer’s Choice Awards for the song Sandalan, Artist of the Year 2006, ASAP Pop Viewer’s Choice Award, Pop Band Artist for 2009 & 2010, Myx Music Award’s Favorite Group and Favorite Video for Kasalanan.   They were also tapped by ABS CBN Foundation to sing the theme song for the S4S, or Schools for Schools campaign, earning them a Plaque of Appreciation.  The songs Sandalan & Walang Iwanan were also used by Sen. Manny Villar during his bid for the Presidency.

Ney also played drums for the band Skyway Traffic prior to embarking on his own band, which of course he chose to call NEY.

He also writes and produces songs for other artists.

Ney Together with Yeng Constantino, recorded two songs: “Walang Hanggan” the theme song for ABS-CBN’s fantaserye “Imortal”, and “Kailan”,a remake of an Eraserheads original, written for the soundtrack of “The Reunion” movie.  Then he collaborated with Kleggy (Banda ni Kleggy) and Dello on the song “Darating” which hit the 10th spot on MYX countdown for its first few weeks.  In 2013, he participated in the 2nd Philippine Popular Music Festival (PhilPop) as interpreter for singer-songwriter JohnoyDanao’s entry “Kung ‘Di Man” which bagged numerous awards including one of the major awards.


(left to right: Ryan “Mr. C.” Cayabyab, Manny “MVP” Pangilinan, Ney Dimaculangan & Johnoy Danao)

In 2010, he became one of the judges in the noontime show “It’s Showtime”.  The following year, he released his solo album Ney Dmac under Star Records.  A fusion of OPM alternative pop rock with songs like “Sana”, “Velvet Skies”, “Tagapagligtas”, “Shut Up”, “October” (featuring Cooky Chua of Color It Red)and “Ligaw”.  That album also carried a bonus track used in the Filipino 3-D animated film, RPG Metanoia.  The single is entitled “Kaya Mo” which won the Best Theme Song for the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.  The same song won as the Favorite Media Soundtrack in Myx Music Awards for 2011.

Some of his musical influences include The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Eric Clapton, Tower of Power, Matchbox20, Robbie Williams, Live, Foo Fighters, No Doubt, Third Eye Blind, R.E.M., U2, The Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Bublé, Train, Nirvana, etc.  But he listens to any genre you could imagine, basically from A to Z.

Awards Achieved:

  • Philpop 2013 1st Runner Up Winner
  • Philipop SMART People’s Choice Award
  • PhilpopRappler Readers’ Choice Award
  • 25thAwit Awards Best Performance by a New Male Recording Artist
  • MYX Music Awards Favorite group (2009)
  • Home album (Gold award) 2007
  • Panorama album (Gold award) 20055

    25thAwit Awards

    Won Best Performance by a New Recording Artist


    Patch Sanchez – Guitars


Patch has been in the band scene longer than most, and his involvement is not only limited to being a band member.

Hismusical journey began when he pursued a college degree, choosing to finish with the title of Bachelor of Music, Major in Guitar Performance (with units in Jazz Studies) at the University of Sto. Tomas.  Thereafter, he took on a job as Assistant Sound Engineer at Monopond Recording Studio for two years.  After leaving the studio, he worked at a music store for a good 6 years before becoming a guitar and music instructor for KEY’S School (Manila).  He taught for two years, and then decided to focus on playing the electric guitar with several bands, before finding himself with his current band, NEY.

He started with the independent scene playing with punk-ska band, Skrew Ups and old skool hardcore band Far Outside.  Later, he joined Funk-Jazz-Fusion band Direct Injection (to be known later as Soul Vaccination), with members Doki Puno (Doki) on vocals,Adonis Tabanda (SAIA, 3rd Avenue) on bass and Paul Santiago (Join The Club, Hale) on drums.  In 2003, he joined a local art organization called SigLA (Sining Gala League of Artist) as Assistant Music Director & Arranger.  He played live for their production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, in 2003 & 2004.

He further moved to another independent band named NoodleBurger and started producing bar gigs around the metro.  While being part of NoodleBurger, he was also axe man for Beer (Beer Pilipinas), a Funk-Jazz-Rock-Hiphopband, with members Berns Cuevas (session player) on bass and Gian Vergel (session player/Sitti Navarro).  The band went inactive after 3 years.  He later joined Sentimento (again with member Berns Cuevas on guitar), an alternative-pop band, and the four-piece garage-rock band The Woah Oh Woahs who later returned to Beat The Robot Recordings and recorded their first 7-song EP entitled “All Night Long”.  All through those times, he also played for a number of top solo acts, including Ney Dimaculangan, Lougee Basabas (Mojofly), Krissy & Ericka, Ram Chaves (Pinoy Idol 1st runner up), Chad Peralta (Pinoy Dream Academy) as well as bands such as About Radio and Amihan before finally joining NEY.

Musicality apparently runs in his veins.  His relative influences include Tuts Calinawan (bassist of Quezo), Mon Calinawan (dummer of Marty McFly) and his distant uncle, renowned Folk Artist Florante.  Patch was also mentored by Carlo Bacalla in the field of contemporary music.

For almost 15 years of playing professionally, he was also influenced by the music from local & foreign bands such as Face To Face, Down By Law, Mxpx, Goldfinger, The Specials, The Toasters, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Mr. Big, Paul Gilbert, Neil Zaza, Brian Setzer, Bruce Foreman, Branford Mersalis, Chick Corea, Ben Folds Five, Weezer, Third Eye Blind, 311, Foo Fighters, Moonpools & Caterpillars, Julie Plug, The Winery Dogs, Eraserheads, Rivermaya, The Youth, Yano, Noel Mendez, POT, Francis M., Rizal Underground, Color It Red, Put3ska, Brownbeat Allstars, & Coffee Break Island.

Louie Lopez – Bass Guitar


For Louie, a scene from the movie “Back To The Future” showing Michael J. Fox playing the guitar with a band ignited his interest in music.  As a child, he would daydream & imagine that he sang & played rock & roll guitar. It was during high school though that Louie really started playing the guitar and singing.  Years later, before entering college, he joined a church choir (where his talent to sing on notch above or below a melody line was honed).

A few years down the road, Louie’s paths crossed with Ney and Rye Sarmiento.  By 1997, the three decided to form a band, and performed at several spots including Live Bistro in Tarlac City, calling themselves Home By Ten (HB10), where he played the bass.  HB10 played for 4 years, but the members later decided to pursue separate career paths, spelling HB10’s end.  He then joined one of the top local acts in Tarlac, called Eureka, where Louie did vocal duties.  Louie soon left & headed to Dubai for work.  As one would predict, his passion for music drove him to join Blue Earth in 2005.  Blue Earth is an acoustic group which regularly played at Acoustic Pinoy and at Millenium Airport.  He found himself still on bass and also doing back-up vocals.

A year passed before joining a band called King’s Republic, this time as the band’s front man.  He later went back to Eureka doing lead vocals, while at the same time pursuing a day job as a graphic artist and video editor for a TV cable company.  At present, he is part of NEY band playing bass.

Arnee Escobedo – Guitars


Among his previous stints related to bands and performing on stage, Arnee was also the keyboard player then for the band, Milk & Money (the band composed and recorded the song “OK Na”).  Arnee later joined Ney during the last quarter of 2015, doing guitar and back up vocal duties.

Arnee is one of the band’s long time friends, and was a co-artist at their former artist management.

He is also a gifted song composer, musical arranger, and even delves into events, organizing the annual “Will of Hope”, which is staged at numerous venues within Metro Manila.  Arnee is truly one dynamic musician who plays any genre under the sun.

Kervi Capin – Drums


Kervi is the newest member of NEY band.

Kervi started his musical journey at an early age.  At age 13, he played drums for their local church.  He was also strumming the guitar at that time.  His first band was in high school, formed with close friends as band members.  He later involved himself with stage & show production while establishing his own band after high school.

In October 2014, they formed the band called Hello Ceasar (progressive rock & fusion genre).  By 2015, he was also involved with a band interestingly called Foolblast, with popular comedians Hans Mortel & Kim Idol as fronts.

His involvement with Hello Ceasar provided Kervi exposure in performing at different venues in Metro Manila bars, hotels, and casinos.

In 2016, the band met Kervi through Ney band’s session drummer Jasper Grutas.  And just after one gig, the band took in Kervi as their official member and drummer.



Press Release From Alpha Records

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